Things To Consider:

  • If you’re hosting an event, meeting, or conference, you likely know that signage to your event space(s) can be key. You don’t want anyone getting lost or frustrated if they can’t figure out where to go. That’s where directional signage comes into play! Retractable banners can be printed with your business or event name and arrows showing people where to go. And if you make your sign generic enough, you can use it at a variety of different events!

  • Likely at your event there will be a center focal point – whether there is a stage with a speaker or your booth at a craft show – that you want to direct people’s focus to. Retractable banners can be designed to grab the eye and draw attention where you want it.

  • They’re also great for promotions! If you’re running a promotion or special, you can add it to the banner to make sure everyone sees it! Or tell people how to text to sign up for your email newsletter. Including a call to action (that is simple and easy) can help improve follow up!