As your company continues to expand, the opportunity to hire new employees is always an exciting time. Engaging and educating an employee begins the moment they walk in the door. In order to make them feel welcome and part of the team, it is important to create a list of employee welcome kit ideas for a successful onboarding process. The content and design of new hire packets says you care about your employees and want them to enjoy an ideal company experience. In addition, a welcome kit can make new hires feel happy and comfortable on their first day if you include custom promo products. Welcome kits showcase the company culture and help a person starting a new position enjoy a seamless onboarding experience. In this article, we will show you some of the most popular custom promotional products to include in your new hire packets. 

Apparel Items

New employees enjoy receiving branded apparel they can wear in the office as well as at company events. Depending on the specific apparel item, they might even wear their favorite clothing outside the office. Custom company apparel can include polo shirts, outerwear, button-down shirts, and uniforms. Branded apparel items are an ideal way to welcome employees to your company.

Custom Stickers

Custom stickers are fun and allow a touch of personality employees can use to decorate their workspace and personal items. In addition, a branded logo sticker also exposes your company to the public and helps to expand your brand. Putting stickers on a laptop, water bottle, or other items shows company pride while also showcasing your logo and marketing message to the public. 

Health and Wellness Gifts

Custom promo products that promote the health and wellness of your team show your organization cares about their wellbeing. A tight deadline or heavy workload can create stress. Employees appreciate having an outlet to reduce stress that also promotes employee welfare. These custom promotional products can include items such as a stress ball, water bottle, or fitness tote bag as they encourage a healthy work-life balance and improved lifestyle. 

Office Essentials

One of the best ways to welcome new team members is supplying them with the essential items they need during a typical workday. Office supplies are both a basic and integral part of an employee welcome kit and they prevent the new hire from having to seek out these items on their own. Office supplies are anything an employee might require on a daily basis at work and having them on the first day can greatly increase the ease of doing a job. Some of the office supplies that make life easier for a new hire include:

  • Notebooks/Notepads
  • Staples
  • Scissors
  • Business Cards
  • Folders
  • Pens/Highlighters
  • Post-It Notes/Sticky Notes
  • Desk cleaning supplies

Welcome your new employees with promotional items from Driftwood Printing that make them feel like part of the team.

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