Are you thinking about using custom printed business flyers as part of your marketing campaign efforts? If so, you are making a very good decision! Business flyers are both cost-effective and tangible which make them the perfect choice for promoting events of all types and sizes. Custom flyer printing is a versatile printing solution thanks to its quick turnaround. The message of your flyers can also be complemented with digital ads which makes them a measurable form of marketing.

Are you ready to design flyers for your business? Custom business flyers convey your brand message in a colorful and eye-catching manner. Don’t worry if you are new to designing business flyers. Take a look at the informative article below for steps on how to design a custom, compelling, ready to print business flyer.

Set Your Project File to CMYK

One popular business flyer practice designers do, that is not an ideal print practice, is to set their project to CMYK once they have finished their design (and right before the print process). This is not always an ideal choice as doing CMYK conversions late in the custom flyer printing design process can cause obvious discrepancies in the colors used on the file both before and after conversion.

However, this is still a better solution than not converting it at all and being surprised by colors you didn’t expect to appear. If you begin a project in CMYK, you will minimize differences in how the colors on your file look on-screen as well as in the final prints.

Custom Business Flyer Resolution

Keep in mind that a DPI of at least 300 is necessary if you plan to print with a professional printer or a home printer. The setting of your print resolution to 300 DPI tells the printer to use 300 dots of ink per inch. This setting is considered to be a standard for magazine-quality detail in the final prints.

However, if you design flyers with low-quality images, it will not matter how high the DPI is set. In addition, use vectors in your image since they can be resized without any loss in quality. Any elements that are not vectors should be as high-quality as possible.

Templates for Printed Flyers: Front and Back

There are multiple online printing companies who offer free flyer templates. If you choose to download one of these templates, be sure and download templates for both sides of your flyers. We recommend using templates for both sides of your flyers as this will help your printing service to trim the flyers more precisely and stop any important design elements from being cut off. Templates are also important for folded flyers as they allow you to precisely account for the fold in your design insead of having the fold land in an inappropriate part of the design.

Use a Guide

Use an appropriate template as a design layer to easily review your folds, bleeds, and trims. If you do not put any vital design elements outside the bleed lines, you should be ready to go without the worry of losing any of your design elements. Once you are finished with your design, your custom flyers should be ready to print at that moment. You will have reached the point where you can upload your project files to print as they look at that point in time.

If you have any additional questions about how to design flyers for print campaigns, contact our team today.

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