Branding isn’t for large companies only. Any business should invest the time into their unique brand.

The idea of a ‘brand’ has evolved over time. What began as a simple mark to denote legal protection grew to serve as a guarantee of quality and consistency to customers.

Today, a company’s ‘brand’ can serve as a meaningful differentiator and generate significant value to an organization.


By creating brand loyalty among customers, thereby reducing overall marketing costs. By raising awareness, which signals that the company is one of substance and familiarity and worthy of consideration. By creating a perceived quality by virtue of its positioning and reasons to buy. And by promoting proprietary competitive advantages that incline consumers toward purchase.

A brand can define to everyone who is part of a company or organization, the kind of company it is they are working for.

Most important, a brand can have financial value. Like anything of value, it must be protected and the responsibility of doing so belongs to everyone associated with it.

Tools and Tips to Help With Your Branding Efforts

Convey consistent brand messaging.

Provide your prospective customers with a professional website that is kept up to date.

Participate in local business and community events.

Be authentic. If you say you are going to do something, do it.

Don’t try to be all things to all people. Figure out what you do best and capitalize on it.

Write blogs that are meaningful and helpful.

Create and distribute newsletters that help tell your brand story.